7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B

7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B

A really strong packet trick

Look the second version with blank cards So, If you cannot find the gaff cards, you can do it also with blank cards.

This effect is a tribute to the bicycle supreme line. Really amazing! A crescendo of magical effects! Five seven of clubs with red backs mysteriously turn face down one after the other.
Then the magigian shakes the packet and all five seven of clubs instantly change into disorder. And finally the five cards change color on the back.
The ending is a real fooler and a big surprise, also for magician!
So you have a strong effect with some gaff cards that you normally put aside and forget.

You need only some gaff cards that you can find into the supreme line deck.
No Gimmick
No double back
No double face

Sleight required: Elmsley Count

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