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Mario Marchese Masterclass Live 1-3

Mario “The Maker Magician” Marchese is an award-winning performer, lecturer and creator that has toured around the world sharing his unique brand of magic. Known for his “maker” skills and distinct “Punk Rock” style, Mario is a master of pushing the boundaries of innovation. He has appeared on countless national television shows from Sesame Street to HGTV. However, his most significant mainstream fame can be attributed to one of his most prized creations, Automabot—a robot magician that became a social media sensation with its amazing magic trick videos.

While David Blaine has dubbed Mario Marchese as the “best kid’s magician in the world”, this Masterclass will not just focus solely on children’s magic. Instead, it will give you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at how Mario’s true specialty: thinking outside the box to create truly personal and unique magic that inspires others.

We could say more, but we think David Copperfield sums it up perfectly: “Mario’s work creates opportunity. The opportunity to inspire people to break free from stagnation and to create. It’s an opportunity to take what’s come before, and expand it into new direction. That’s an incredible gift.”

What to Expect:

The number one question Mario gets from fellow magicians is, “How can I make this “thing” remote control?” In this Masterclass, he’ll show you exactly how to do that, be it a battery-powered prop, a toy, or any other battery-powered object. Let’s hack stuff and make it magical!

Mario will also break down the steps to easily and inexpensively create movement and animation in physical objects, using simple motors and microcontrollers. These are easy-to-learn tools that will open up endless possibilities in your magic. These are the type of movements and ideas Mario used to create his viral robot magic series.

For the second Masterclass we’re thrilled to welcome Katie, Mario’s wife, manager, and co-adventurer. Together, they’ll break down the secrets behind their very intentional branding, marketing, and social media endeavors, and help you find your unique and proactive voice in the world.

The goal of this Masterclass is to empower you with new skills and send you off with new direction and inspiration as you head into 2022. Join us, live!


Lecture 1 – January 2, 2022
Lecture 2 – January 9, 2022
Live Zoom Q&A – January 29, 2022 (please note there is a break between Session 2 and 3 because of Magifest)

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