Unveil manipulation by Hyunjoon Kim

Unveil manipulation by Hyunjoon Kim

Here comes the first lecture DVD “Unveil” by Hyunjoon Kim, the Winner of 2012 World championship F.I.S.M Manipulation. You will be able to learn card & ball manipulation from the basic techniques to original techniques that was shown on F.I.S.M. We are proud to present the best cinematography and a easy to understand lecture. You will be able to learn the professional manipulation skills of Hyunjoon Kim ,unveiling for the first time through watching this DVD. You will make your show more beautiful and fascinating and your stage will be closer to perfection.

Bonus: It includes a special card manipulation gimmicks as well.


DVD Chapters:
BALL BASICBall RollBasic Ball VanishCatch vanishTwo shell routineThree shell routineCross ball routineSpin ball change routineCross ball color change routineRainbow color ball routineSilk ball routine

BALL ORIGINALPerfect ball vanishingSpecial pivotInterlock ball ProductionInterlock ball color changeInterlock ball color change combo

CARD BASICSingle card vanishOne hand fanBack palm ProductionSplit fan ProductionTwirlingPerfect ProductionTenkal re-grip Production + Picket vanish

CARD ORIGINALDouble perfect ProductionCenter of card ProductionEagle ProductionColor change twin ProductionRainbow phoenix ProductionFour Color change cardFive card spin Twirling
*Hyun Joon’s Production*

DVD includes:Lecture on card manipulationLecture on ball manipulationSpecial gimmicks by Hyun Joon’s production

Career & Awards:
2008 – Club Magico Italiano in Abano Terme – Grand prix
2010 – England Black-pool Magic Convention Stage Magic Championships – FIRST PLACE
2011 – S.A.M convention FISM North American Championship
*Presidential Award*
*People’s choice Award*
*North American Champion of Stage Magic*
2012 – place winner in FISM stage manipulation

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