Three Propless Presentations by Joe Diamond

In this ebook, you get THREE scripts that have been honed over years in every professional situation imaginable. They all been easily adapted to Virtual Shows, and they each involve the ENTIRE audience. As Bob Cassidy would say, these are MAJOR effects! At just $10 per script, this is an invaluable investment!

In fact, scroll down check out a quick video of just one of these routines causing CHAOS for an audience of 2,000 high schoolers.

Imagine getting these kinds of screams and reactions with your words alone!

I cover one psychological routine, and two ‘body magic’ effects. These effects can be easily adapted by magicians, mentalists, hypnotists, bizarrists, psychic readers or ANY style of mystery performance. I’ve used these effects as beginners, openers, and even CLOSERS for stage shows. I’ve even done them over the radio, on TV, and yes, during Virtual Shows.

No mathematical procedures, no pre show, and NO PROPS.

You get three fully written, honed scripts, that once you memorize, you’ll have the ability to captivate your audiences on stage, close up, radio, and virtually.

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