The Wormhole by Pipo Villanueva

This routine is the closer of my formal close-up and parlor magic show. It is one of the strongest pieces of magic I ever came up with. It is a very magical, memorable, and practical routine.

The course is not a mere instruction manual, limited to explaining the mechanics of the routine. The course delves into the creation process, the magical theory, psychology involved, techniques development and decision making. In that sense is a course in magic with valuable information regardless of if you never perform a routine with this elemetn (let alone this partocular routine)


  • This is a virtual product, not a physical product. In order to perform the routine you need two ungimmicked of Rubik’s cubes for speed solving NOT INCLUDED in this product.
  • You are buying access to the course through this platform anytime from any device. This is not a downloadable product. 
  • When buying this product you are also getting performance rights to perform this routine in your theater, private or corporate shows. Performance rights for performance on TV or any digital platform such as YouTube or Instagram are not included.
  • With this product you are also granted access to a comment section that I will moderate where you can ask questions about this routine and share your experience with others.
  • The course consists of 11 chapters with a total running time of 80 min approximately.


To perform the routine, you need to learn to solve the cube for real under a minute. That is not really hard to accomplish, but it will take you a few weeks to get the moves (you need to stablish a relationship with the cubes anyway if you want to perform this adequately). Probably the best place to learn how to do it for free is watching youtuber JPERM’s videos. I learnt by getting this book and using 2% of its content (you only need to learn a basic method memorizing less than 10 algorithms). I do provide some tips in the course but bear in mind you have to do this work on your own.


  1. Performance (2) (15 min)
  2. Origins (5 min)
  3. The Magic Gesture (7min)
  4. The Cubes (4 min)
  5. Structure Overview (7 min)
  6. Techniques (18 min)
  7. Explanation (8 in)
  8. Additional Ideas (5 min)
  9. The Daisy Flower (10 min)
  10. Cube Solving Tutorial (external resource)
  11. Credits


In order the put together this piece I relied in the outstanding works of pioneers in Rubik’s Cube magic, specifically Usui Takamiz and Karl Hein (Karl Koppertop) . If you are interested in Rubi’s cube magic I cannot recommend enough their material.

This video was shooted  at ElChopCup Magic Studio

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