The Boyd Mystery by Bill Abbott

Bill Abbot does one thing consistently: release audience-tested, real world material that just works. Yes, there’s no sleight of hand. No move monkey stuff to practise. No weird gimmick for you to play with. But what you do get is exceptional. In every way.

You get a full, professional script of a fascinating and captivating story with the props to match.

The tale centers around the true story of a real bank robber. Edwin Alonzo Boyd was being held in the very secure Don Jail, in Toronto.

You take out some folded papers, that were keeping a seemingly old black and white photo safe in your wallet. After you’ve let your audience examine the intriguing photo of Boyd behind bars in the jail, you securely place it back in the folded paper and give it to your spectator to keep safe.

You continue the fascinating story of Boyd, which climatically ends with his dramatic escape from prison. The papers are then unfolded to show the photo now has a physical hole in it, Boyd has escaped from the photograph – just as he escaped from the jail!

Nestling underneath the transformed photo your audience discovers one piece of evidence: a broken hacksaw blade that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

To really knock their socks off, you ask your spectator to stand, and they discover they have been sitting on the torn out photo of Eddie Boyd.

Magic doesn’t get much stronger than this.

There are no angle considerations, no moves, and virtually no reset so you do that thing we’re all meant to do. Concentrate on entertaining and captivating your audience.

You get:

  • Bill’s full script in PDF format
  • All photos, aged, altered and ready for use
  • Genuine vintage hacksaw piece from the time period of the story
  • Indestructible vintage-look Buddha Papers designed to fit into a hip-style wallet (wallet not included)
  • Real vintage style matchbox
  • Downloadable video instruction with three live performances, two optional endings and all the details needed to add this piece to your repertoire

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