Billet Masterclass Lecture by Alexander Marsh

Mastering billets transformed Alexander Marsh from a self-confessed mediocre mentalist to the HEADLINE ACT for one of the world’s largest touring magic shows!

And now he’s going to teach you EVERYTHING he knows.

But what even is a billet?

The word Billet is mentalist-speak for any small slip of paper utilised during your performance.

They appear innocent to your audience, but once you learn Alex’s billet handling secrets, you will possess the knowledge and power to use them to create television-worthy displays of mind reading and mind control AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE!

Broken down into bite-size sections, each lesson builds upon the previous, meaning value will be found for every skill level. If you’re new to billets, this is a perfect place to start; you’ll be reading minds after the first three lessons alone.

If you’re a seasoned billet worker, you’re going to fall madly in love. This is a project you will keep coming back to. Not only are you going to learn the greatest peek since Acidus Novus, Alex is going to give you his ENTIRE, hour-long Question and Answer (Q&A) act as performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 (and it uses nothing more than some pens, some billets, a clear bowl and some envelopes).

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