Tenkai Cards by Rocco

Rocco’s TenKai Cards:

Effect 1; Both hands are shown empty. From nowhere, a single card Magically appears at the fingertips and is tossed into the air and caught. One at a time more cards appear until 5 cards are displayed between the fingers. The cards then Vanish one at a time as they are seemingly placed onto a table or close up pad etc. Both hands are now shown empty.

Effect 2; Both hands are shown empty and 4 cards appear one at a time & displayed openly in one hand in fan position. Each card then magically disappears as placed onto a table. From nowhere, four Half Dollar coins are now slowly spread out on the table. Both hands are shown as empty and one at a time each of the 4 coins is picked up and visually changes to a playing card as it is placed into the opposite hand. All 4 coins have now turned into 4 playing cards. Each card is now vanished and both hands are shown completely empty.

-Self Aligning

-Easy to Handle

-Bicycle cards

-Available in Red or Blue Back

Manufactured by Roy Kueppers

Rocco’s TenKai cards comes with a set of 5 Cards in either Bicycle Blue back or Bicycle Red back. The playing card value is available in one of the following options. JH,JD,JS,JC,QH,QD,QS,QC,KH,KD,KS, or KC. All 5 cards will be of the same suit.

Set includes a Demo/Teaching Video

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