Last Word by Justin Miller

Justin Miller Last Word – Imagine being able to take someone, anyone, to the very point of their own death, the very minute and second right before they die.

Last Word is a very emotional magic trick that should not be presented as a magic trick, it is too powerful a concept to downgrade to the brand of ‘magic tricks’.

Last word does exactly this, what magician Justin miller has created is one of the most emotional and scary magic tricks from this simple idea. The idea is that you predict the exact time – to the second that they imagine themselves dying at, not only this but you ask them to imagine the scene and to really put themselves in the situation (something that will inevitably be very uncomfortable) 

From Justin Miller: ‘The most scariest, amazing, and memorable magic tricks I have EVER created! We all know that death is apart of the cycle of life, but we are told not to talk about it in the public forum. WHY? Why are we commanded to NOT talk about something that affects ALL OF US? It makes no damn sense. Get ready to go against the status quo!’

You hand a spectator an empty Bicycle Playing Cards box and in a example of imagination you ask them to think of that box as the last box they will ever enter, their coffin.You take a single human being to the second before they die and you ask them to to look at the fullness of their life and to think of a single word, their last word, that sums up their entire life. You then ask them to look at the clock right before their body gives up the ghost and to remember the time min and sec. After concentrating on this moment, (and they REALLY FEEL THEIR BODY GOING THROUGH THIS STAGE ) you bring them back to the past (now) and ask them to think of a playing card. After concentrating, and peering into their eyes you take a single card out of the deck and place it into the empty box in their hands.

After a by-play of what just happened in their imagination, they are THEN asked to now for the first time to tell everyone what time they died and what their LAST WORD is. They remove the 1 and only card  in the box and they see that it IS the card they were thinking of and that the time of their death is written on the card!

And now the craziest part that will have them TALKING ABOUT YOU UNTIL THE DAY THEY DIE…on the INSIDE of the card box, that they have been holding the ENTIRE TIME, is written, their LAST WORD they just imagined a few minutes ago!

  • They hold onto the box the entire time!
  • They can think of any word at force!
  • THEY open up the box and THEY take out the 1 and ONLY card in the box!
  • The box STAYS in their hands the entire time!
  • Multiple handilings!
  • The gimmick does all the work for you!
  • Close to 1hr of clear cut teaching by Justin Miller!
  • DOWNLOAD ONLY you provide your own gimmicks which you can find at any magic shop!

This is NOT a card trick, it is an effect that leaves them thinking about that which most hide from..their own mortality!!

“Last word by Justin Miller is the ultimate effect that should not be taken lightly! Taking people to their LAST WORD, and then revealing this back to them, is utterly shocking! I have been performing this, and there is nothing you can do that is stronger…….do not overlook this effect!” -Alex-

“LAST WORD is a flawless effect bro! Down to earth and straight forward! Very emotional!”  -Jordan-



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