TAKAAN:The Any Kard At Any Number by Steve Gore

TAKAAN The Any Kard At Any Number!

Feel like a REAL magician! At last, the real ANY card at ANY Number, with your regular deck… But EASY… with NO Memory work or Mental Arithmetic!

You may be thinking, Does the magic world really need another ACAAN? Yes it does! For magicians like me, with a bad memory, not very good at mental maths, I should not be able to perform it. Well I have created TAKAAN, a very easy version, able to be performed by magicians of all skill levels. With NO card memory work, NO mental arithmetic, NO difficult sleights, NO apps or technology – just your REGULAR deck of cards. Yes you read ALL that correctly!

Whenever Steve releases new effects, I always get excited. Here he’s taken all of the hard work out of performing an ACAAN so you can focus purely on your presentation. It’s simple… yet very clever!
– Richard Jones, winner of BGT

This is a very smart, deceptive useable answer for ACAAN. I love it!!!
– Matt Daniel-Baker aka The Mind Reader

Putting the gymnastics of the ACAAN away and delivering a method everyone can do themselves
– Maddox Dixon (BGT star)

TAKAAN is so clever and well thought out, it smacked me right it the face!
– Mario The Maker Magician

I have known Steve very well for many years and I assure you that he has put all his love and effort on this effect, to bring you the most simple of solutions on the ACAAN effect. It is really simple and easy once you see how his system works in the detailed explanations.
– Javi Benitez (P&T Fooler)

I have seen the effect in person and it is stunning, easy to perform and the method is genius! A great effect that takes acaan and hits hard
– Jamie Williams (Creator of Penguins Trick of the year 2022)

The effect itself, or more the method, is brilliant. Definitely one of the best versions I have seen.
– Patrick Maddison (son of legend Walt Maddison)

The system is very intuitive, bravo on this work!
– Nicholas Byers

One of my absolute favourite Any card at any number effects.
– Joel Dickinson

It includes the main ‘Pure Gold’ effect and 6 other versions which are even easier to perform, where the spectator holds the main deck the whole time and you have zero maths to do!

Over two hours tutorial goes through the various routines you can achieve with this amazing project!

Just supply your own regular deck of cards!

Tiny amount of DIY maybe required and a printer required for 1-2 sheets of A4.

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