Max Maven Penguin Live ACT – Digital Download

What will he teach?

Max Maven teaches VOYANCE
A Complete Act of Stand-Up Mentalism

A CHOICE INTRODUCTION- What is the true purpose of an opening routine? How does it address important issues in setting up optimal conditions for the rest of the act? This routine does just that, while also secretly establishing the theme for the show. It also makes use of a valuable force—a practical new take on a forgotten technique that can be applied to a host of effects.

RE:VISION- This multi-phase routine involves a simple pack of design cards (that isn’t as simple as it seems). Honed over the course of forty years, this is Max’s latest version of a routine that epitomizes the idea of “packs small, plays big.”

CINEMENTALISM- When is a book test more than a book test? When it engages a participant’s complete involvement. A person thinks of a movie. The mentalist ultimately reveals the film—but in so doing, is able to accurately describe details about a scene from that movie that the person has merely visualized.

This is strong material, made all the more valuable by Max’s discussions of structure and stagecraft, plus spectator management, historical notes, and much more.

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