Patrick Redford Penguin Live ACT3 -Digital Download

What will he Teach?

The Redford Stack- Taught in depth.

Velleity- Any card and number named. The spectator pushes her finger through the table and the deck causing her card to come to the top. Then she discovers her named card is exactly where she said it would be.

Twain- After the spectators mix the cards, he’s still able to figure out which card one of them is thinking of. For the other, he tells her not only its name, but also the two cards she randomly placed it between, and how far down they all are.

Infinity Ball- He reveals a card with an interesting version of a well-known, fortune-telling toy.

Temporarily Out of Order- A card left face-down in the blue deck matches the only reversed card in a red deck. Coincidences compound until ultimately the helpers manage to separate all the suits without a clue.

IDIM Control- As a bonus, Patrick shares one of the most mystifying, impossible card locations ever. Best of all, it uses a regular, thoroughly shuffled deck.

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