Kyle Purnell Penguin Live Online Lecture – Digital Download

What will he teach?

Elimination Experiment- An impossible 2 phase ESP effect with a super satisfying method that leaves you completely clean at the end.

Impenetrable- The 100% impromptu pen through bill that you never knew you’ve been dying to perform!

Slo Mo TNR- One of the most visual torn corner effects…ever. Did we mention that it’s impromptu?

Soft Spreadable Jamwich- The classic two card transpo gets an impromptu make-over…and a kicker.

Tunnel Transpo- The most fun trick to perform of the lecture…It just feels good!

Daley’s Nightmare- The classic effect built into a practical packet trick with an unforgettable ending.

Best of Luck- A card is remembered. A number is thought of. Before anything is named out loud, the magi sticks a joker into the deck under the thought of number of cards, and right beside selected card!

Miss Terry Card- Kyle’s most direct and practical approach to Mystery Card ever… Get ready to bust those knuckles.

Cash Grab- Grab a deck, borrow a dollar, and leave your spectator with an absolutely unusual and impossible souvenir!

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