Carisa Hendrix Penguin Live ACTS – Digital Download

What will she teach?

Carisa Hendrix performs 2 full ACTS! The first is her award-winning character Lucy Darling; a woman known the world over for her wit, her charm, and her exceptionally good hair. The second show is for kids. You’ll meet DeeDee, the coolest girl you’ve never heard off. Carisa performs the same material in each act to demonstrate how you can use the props and effects at your disposal to perform for a wide range of audiences.

Topological Oddity – Book Production. A list of best selling books is offered to an audience member to select a book from, that good appears to fall from the sky and into an empty bag. This trick is so good it’s the one she performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us!

The Minimalist’s Any Drink Called For – Two audience member select drinks and there are produced from an empty shaker along with one more for the performer. 

Reconciliation Confabulation – A spectator becomes a character in the show and all their improvised choices seem to have been predicted as the revelation is shown which is also a gift they get to take home.

Jam Lie Detector  – Propless mentalism at it’s best. Four audience members are brought on stage and asked to imagine a pot of jam floating in the air in front of them. With the performer’s back turned the audience members decide who is going to take the invisible jam. The performer is not only able to tell which audience member secretly took the invisible jam, but she makes that jam appear as well.

Ring and String – Carisa has done walk around and cocktail events for some of the biggest companies in North America, and her close up Ring & String is always a featured item. She finally reveals her stunning self-working finale where one audience member can remove the string from the ring in another spectator’s hand.

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