Joe Diamond Penguin Live Online Lecture – Digital Download

What will he teach?

Joe Diamond will be covering material that has served him well in every situation from impromptu, to walk around, to stage, to radio, to virtual shows.
When friends walk around town with him, it’s not uncommon for people to stop & say,
“Hey, you’re that mind reader guy!” This is because he has leveraged local publicity through impromptu performances, newspapers, public shows, radio, live-streams, & blogs.
Not only will he be teaching his high level professional secrets, he will be teaching the effects that have put him there.

Endgame- Not only is this version of the classic “Free Will” effect completely impromptu, the performer AND spectator are named in the prediction.

Half-Twins- Learn how Joe took a self working walk around trick & turned it into an incredible virtual experience.

The Blister Effect- See the video footage of Joe using this classic over the RADIO on multiple shows & learn how it led to months worth of free publicity.

50/50- You read every audience member’s mind. Packs Flat. Plays Big. No electronics. No assistants. No memory.

W.A.C.A.A.N.- Learn how to make “Any Card At Any Number” play on the radio, and learn a cornerstone method for publicity stunts.

Various Publicity Stunts- Learn the process Joe uses to match publicity stunts with the right format. He’s done it all from Blindfold Drives, to Headline Predictions! Plus, learn how he hacked the Pentagon with just an Ultra-Mental Deck.

World’s Largest Séance- Learn how Joe adapted his favorite walk around piece into a radio publicity stunt that sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets.

The Ritual of the Magician- Joe closes this lecture by performing something for YOU! This can be used on Radio, TV, Livestream, In Person, or Over the Phone!

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