Timothy Krass Penguin Live ACT – Digital Download

What will he teach?

Quick Opener  Everyone stands and one by one the audience members sit down based on their thoughts until only one remains standing. The standing spectator then has their mind read in the most direct way. A 40-60 second high-impact opener!

Mental Pickpocket  Beautifully choreographed PIN reveal with an original pickpocket sequence.

Tossed Out Die  Presentation involving 4 people and several (often darkly funny) additional reveals. Can also be used with a standard tossed out deck.

Hypnosis  Hypnosis Set with no hypnosis needed! Featuring the Waveless Wave Technique.

Dreams  REAL TIME Dream revelation with a member of the audience.

Musical Finish – Not mentalism, but a piece of music. Wonderfully magical.

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