Gaff system by Daniel Madison & Eric Jones & Calen Morelli 1-2 – Free Download

Uniquely designed, the gaff system is the only type of gaff deck in its class. A complete system that can be used across the Tundra (White), Emerald Green or Cobalt Blue Artifice Decks. Never before has something as outrageous as this project been attempted, all three colors together in one deck.

Our first Gaff Deck came from the mind of Justin Miller. The follow-up ??UltraGaff?? came from the twin creative minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. We knew with The Gaff System, we just had to go one better. Enter Three of the best minds in magic today.

We flew Daniel Madison, Eric Jones and Calen Morelli to Vegas, and locked them up in a hotel room for three days, until they emerged with a notebook FILLED with sketches and ideas – the original concepts for the Gaff System. From there began the process of culling effects OUT of the deck, ensuring only the best ideas from that session remained. After a full week in Los Angeles, performing for strangers on Venice Beach, refining the handling of each effect until it was FLAWLESS, and shooting the explanations in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, we??re proud to look back and say that this is undoubtedly the best gaff deck ever produced.

This is where the Gaff System differs from other decks; within are 15 separate effects that for any other project would be sold as standalone products – but with our mission to create the most insane gaff deck ever, we combined them all into this ONE deck.

From a torn and restored card that melts back together in a unique and unexplainable way, to a chosen card becoming a chapstick in a spectator??s hands.Each effect in this system is a worker. There is no room for ??filler??. Each card placed in the deck has been carefully considered against a ??wait-list?? of other effects to determine whether it TRULY belonged.

When we took the finalised artwork to USPCC we were told that the Gaff System could not be made. The photo realism of some of the cards in the deck used too many colors for the printers to handle, and cards like the ??Chaptrick?? had them worried – because it looked ??so much?? like a real Chapstick it sent their legal department scurrying.

Undeterred, we found our own printer who not only matched the feel of the cards in the deck to those in the Artifice Deck – but printed with such high quality that even Mike Clarke, who created the graphics for the deck, was impressed.

15 Unbelievable Effects. 3 Superstars of Magic. 1 Incredible Project. This is, The Gaff System.`

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