Danny Urbanus – Dutch Kiss

Like most modern card magicians, Danny Urbanus has always been fascinated by the “French Kiss” effect. It’s such a strong piece of magic that never fails to amaze an audience. The only real flaw is that you need an extra playing card.

Danny wanted to be able to perform it with one card and, after countless hours of experimentation, he finally cracked the code.

“Dutch Kiss” by Danny Urbanus has not only evolved to not require an extra card, but actually not even need playing cards at all. It uses just one index card that can fit into your wallet as part of your EDC.

You can perform this effect straight from your wallet. It’s super easy to make the gimmick and the effect is guaranteed to be one of your new favorite close up magic effects.

Download “Dutch Kiss” to start learning right away!

“The ‘Dutch Kiss’ better than the French. But, for real though, love it! Clean, direct, and logical.”Rico Weeland

“Very cool, I like it! Clever and clean.”Wayne Houchin

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