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No Bag Force by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers

Imagine having all the advantages and possibilities of the change bags. Also, of the traditional forcing bags, only without having to use any bag, no clothing restrictions, no complicated mechanism... absolutely nothing, just your two hands in the bowl. Imagine being able to control the process and the result 100%, every time, no mess, no failures.

ZigyZag by Julio Montoro

After one of his best sellers: Rejoined Express, Julio Montoro brings you an effect in which he has been working for over 3 years now, bringing a new torn and restored effect using the ZigZag plot, ending up with a 100% examinable card signed by the spectators.

Bill In Lemon by Syouma

SYOUMA's Bill in Lemon has been improved! It's even easier to use than before. Effect: Ask a spectator to put a sticker on the borrowed bill and sign it.

Star Band by Brad the Wizard

This rubber band project was designed to be fun to practice and learn! The effects look just like they did on camera. The move happens so fast, the human eye can’t keep up.

The Transparency Template by Jonathan Royle

The Transparency Template - The Revolutionary Guide for Hypnotists - Learn Safe, Legal, Ethical, Insured Comedy Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis and Hypnotic "Hypno-Tricks" to combine with Your Magic & Mentalism Along with Rapid & Instant Speed Trance Inductions for Stage, Street & Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy Applications with Hypnotists Dr. Jonathan Royle, Robert

Reel Watch Smart Watch by Uday Jadugar

Introduced for the first time, a smart watch made of high quality material. A very tiny ITR is hidden in the watch. Useful for floating the objects. Easy to set-up in case the thread is broken. Available with black strap. An ingenious item for ITR effects.