Get Smarty by Mark Bennett

Get Smarty” by Mark Bennett – a captivating magic trick that will leave your audience amazed and astounded! With “Get Smarty“, you’ll have the power to make any small object, from a ring to a 20 pence piece, magically appear inside a sealed regular pack of Smarties. Prepare to take your audience on a thrilling journey as they witness the impossible unfold before their eyes.

This enchanting magic trick offers not just one, but up to four repeatable routines that will keep your spectators on the edge of their seats. With contributions from renowned magicians Mark Bennett and Craig Petty, “Get Smarty” presents a fresh take on a classic trick, adding an organic twist that will elevate your performances to a whole new level of wonder.

Featuring live performances from the mesmerising Magic Singh and the charismatic Jamie Williams, “Get Smarty” provides an immersive learning experience. Through their demonstrations, you’ll learn the subtleties and nuances of the routine, gaining invaluable insights into delivering a truly captivating performance.

Key features of “Get Smarty“:

1. Versatility: Make any small object disappear and reappear inside a sealed Smarties tube, allowing you to adapt the trick to your style and audience.
2. Repeatable Routines: Perform up to four iterations of the routine, keeping your audience intrigued and wondering how you achieved the impossible multiple times.
3. Expert Contributions: Benefit from the expertise of renowned magicians Mark Bennett and Craig Petty, who share their insights to enhance your magical prowess.
4. Live Performances: Witness the artistry of Magic Singh and Jamie Williams, giving you a clear picture of how to engage and entertain your audience effectively.

Whether you’re an aspiring magician or a seasoned performer, “Get Smarty” will undoubtedly become a highlight of your repertoire. Add a touch of mystery and astonishment to your magic acts with this incredible trick that defies explanation. Get ready to leave your audience spellbound and create magical memories they’ll cherish forever. Step into the world of “Get Smarty” and unlock the secrets to a truly enchanting performance!

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