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Visa Versa by Michel Huot

The invisible deck is one of the strongest card tricks ever created. There is just one weakness: people are not emotionally attached to cards. But, people are attached to countries they want to visit or that they visited before (example: imagine how people are attached to the country they went for their honeymoon)

Static by Patricio Teran

By rubbing your hands a little and creating enough friction, the ring on the can jumps incredibly, this system is truly original. -very easy to do -ideal for social networks download now!

Equalizer by Joao Miranda

Hearing is one of our most important senses. What if we could alter the perception of it? João Miranda and his team developed, from the ground-up, a state-of-the-art speaker system that will alter your spectator's reality, allowing the magician to perform what appears to be, real magic.

Double Down by Leo Smetsers

Double Down by Leo Smetsers is the perfect addition to any Bunko set. With Double Down, Leo has combined two classic scams the board monte and Fast & Loose. Each one of the effects may be performed separately or perform them together to create a 6-minute Bunko act.

Grandma’s Miracle by TCC Magic & Chen Yang

Grandmother's Necklace is a classic magic trick that has fascinated audiences for over 400 years, dating back to the Middle Ages. The magician presents two ropes and three beads, inviting the audience to thread the ropes through the beads. The audience holds the beads,

Tubik by Tora Magic Company

“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company” Tubik is a most trendy trick of Tora Magic. Tubik is a madly mind blowing props that was recently introduced and is included in the exclusive line of Tora Magic. If you are a Rubik’s lover and you work with Rubik’s, Tubik will be a different and exciting product for you!