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The False Shuffles and Cuts Project by Liam Montier

The False Shuffles and Cuts Project by Liam Montier There is nothing more valuable in the card magician's arsenal than the ability to convince your audience you are shuffling the deck, when in actuality you aren't. If your spectator's believe the cards are being mixed, whilst all the time you retain control of their order - then you can perform true MIRACLES! Indeed, this one skill can help transform simple self working tricks into jaw dropping slabs of IMPOSSIBILITY!

Flopper Change by Manu Llari

Flopper Change by Manu Llari Hi! This is Flopper change, it's a super visual color change. It's very,very easy to do, no need gimmicks and you finish completly clean. You can learn two diferents applications with only one move. Has it angles?

Flux by Roddy McGhie

Flux by Roddy McGhie "Flux is incredibly visual yet simple in method. I love it. I didn't see it coming. It has my highest recommendation." -Cyril "This is a startlingly visual effect with an elegantly simple yet ingenious method." -Michael Weber

Magnetic card 2.0 by Ebbytones

Magnetic card 2.0 by Ebbytones This magnetic card 2.0 With this effect, you are able to borrowed objects in an impossible way. Can use credit cards, playing cards, ID cards, and can be balanced on tables, cigarette boxes, card boxes etc,

Loaded by Marcus Eddie

Loaded by Marcus Eddie "The best deck production out there." 1. Show an empty box. 2. Produce AN ENTIRE DECK OF CARDS 3. Angle-proof, and easy to do! Loaded is a revolutionary way to produce an entire deck of cards from an empty box. It's super easy to do, and is completely angle-proof.