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EVERYBODY'S FOOLED by Joseph B The method for this miracle is a miracle! So sneaky and ingenious! The Gimmick is something that opens the door to new ideas because this technique is also a VERY powerful weapon!


THE DEVILISH METHOD by Joseph B The Devilish Method is an impossible experiment designed in order to Fool Magicians. With a borrowed deck, totally impromptu and without Gimmick! Really amazing! Your mind will explode, a real mind blowing effect!

7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B

7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B A really strong packet trick Look the second version with blank cards So, If you cannot find the gaff cards, you can do it also with blank cards. This effect is a tribute to the bicycle supreme line. Really amazing! A crescendo of magical effects! Five seven of clubs with red backs mysteriously turn face down one after the other.

THE CRAG by Joseph B

THE CRAG by Joseph B The Crag is a truly fascinating effect built through continuous surprises and twists. The magician has a blue deck in his hands and asks the spectator to touch four cards freely. After the spectator has chosen four cards, the magician shows him which cards they are. The spectator names one of the four cards and incredibly it is the only card that has a different colored back.

Both Sides Against the Middle by Dan Harlan

Both Sides Against the Middle by Dan Harlan This is more than an open prediction. This is two open predictions where all the work happens in your spectator’s hands, requires minimal sleight of hand, and if that wasn’t enough, they shuffle the deck at the very beginning of the effect. You’re about to perform your new closer when you play Both Sides Against The Middle by Dan Harlan.

The Mene Tekel Deck Project by Liam Montier

The Mene Tekel Deck Project by Liam Montier Bigblindmedia presents The Mene Tekel Deck Project with Liam Montier (BBM317) - The definitive guide to this essential gaffed deck Comes with Bicycle brand Mene Tekel Deck (in Red or Blue) and one hour video download