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Cubed Card by Catanzarito Magic

Cubed Card by Catanzarito Magic Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects with a Single Business-Sized Card! New from Catanzarito Magic comes Cubed Card - a single business-sized card you can carry with you at all times. Now you can be prepared to perform 5 amazing magic effects at any time! Cubed Card contains the images of 48 dice (24 on each side) and you can get 10 full minutes of great effects! One of the effects allows you the option to text your prediction to your spectator - after your performance you can send them a link to your website, Facebook, etc. and get more gigs!

Pip Sleek by Kyle Purnell

Pip Sleek by Kyle Purnell 1-2 Kyle Purnell is something of an underground inspiration creating and sharing effects that everyone at magic conventions wants to see. His work with cards is a unique approach to visual magic, and this two card in the hands transposition is no exception. You literally see pips dragged across the card. The insane part? There are no gimmicks. This is Pip Sleek by Kyle Purnell. Visually move the ink across a card without touching it. No gimmicks, no trick cards, animate a pip on a card with a borrowed deck. From the devastatingly clever mind of Kyle Purnell, this moving pip effect will make your audience swear they are hallucinating. This is Pip Sleek 2.0.


NAPKIN OIL AND WATER by Joseph B This oil and water effect is divided into three phases. In the first part the magician clearly alternates red cards and black cards but incredibly and inexplicably they completely separate .


EVERYBODY'S FOOLED by Joseph B The method for this miracle is a miracle! So sneaky and ingenious! The Gimmick is something that opens the door to new ideas because this technique is also a VERY powerful weapon!


THE DEVILISH METHOD by Joseph B The Devilish Method is an impossible experiment designed in order to Fool Magicians. With a borrowed deck, totally impromptu and without Gimmick! Really amazing! Your mind will explode, a real mind blowing effect!

7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B

7-7-7-7-7 by Joseph B A really strong packet trick Look the second version with blank cards So, If you cannot find the gaff cards, you can do it also with blank cards. This effect is a tribute to the bicycle supreme line. Really amazing! A crescendo of magical effects! Five seven of clubs with red backs mysteriously turn face down one after the other.