Total Recall by Manuel Llaser & Vernet Magic

Vernet is proud to introduce an extraordinary and unique memory act: Juan Tamariz said: "It's absolutely convincing and I am totally convinced that Manuel memorizes all the deck as fast as lightning!!!! Extraordinary indeed!!!!

Perfect Cut by Jeff Nolasco

EFFECT: The magician takes 2 decks. One red deck, one blue deck. Spread the red deck to the spectator so they know it is a normal deck. Shuffle the red deck and set it aside. Spread the blue deck, let…

Glitch Card by Jawed Goudih

Show the card to the spectator face down then in a seconde she turn like you can see ( glitches ) You can show the both side of the card after the Glitch Download now!

Harribo by Lord Harri

"A mouth-watering ring to impossible location with a sweet twist!" Introducing Lord Harri's tang-tastic take on the vanishing ring plot. You'll be expertly taught a wide range of brilliantly natural handlings and

David Jonathan Penguin LIVE

"David is one of my favorite creators in the whole of the magic world. He has an uncanny ability to streamline and simplify effects whilst making them incredibly powerful and multilayered. Many of the tricks I perform in my working sets have been his creations. His material is strong,