Fast and Loose by Chef Anton and Pop Haydn

The companion video to Whit Haydn's and Chef Anton's Notes on the Fast and Loose includes live performances by Chef and Whit and detailed explanations with shots from both the audience's and performer's point of view.

Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki

Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki "I don’t do many rubber band tricks, but Pinnacle is too good not to do. The moments of magic are clean, clear and truly astonishing. Pinnacle is one of the best penetration effects out there." - Cameron Francis

Boom Deck by Wonder Makers

Boom Deck by Wonder Makers Boom Deck is the most explosive magic trick of 2020 from the "Magic Five", which hit the entire Internet and scored over 30 million views in total! The illusionist gives the viewer an invisible weapon, he himself shoots at the deck and several cards fly into the air from the explosion of fire exactly on the spectator's signed card.