Diabolical Prediction by Joseph B

Absolutely a must have impossible prediction routine. An ingenious, fascinating and diabolical method Diabolical Prediction is a real miracle for both layman and magicians. You will absolutely leave your audience speechless.

Coincidence At Play by Jay Jennings

The effect: Six chess boards are shown, each missing a different piece and then one board is chosen at random. Multiple chess pieces are shown and one is chosen by a different random method. That turns out to be the piece that is missing from the previously chosen chess board.

Aurora Borealis by Paul Gordon

Back in the day, NICK TROST and ALDO COLOMBINI both RAVED about Paul Gordon's Aurora Borealis. Back in 2001 it sold out very fast and due to the nature of the stock it wasn't able to be reprinted...

Spider-Web by Joseph B

A real fooler! Joseph B. is able to combine and create principles in a very unique way. The result is a fascinating impossible world Spider web is able to amaze anyone. It is an effect that will surprise you because it uses an unexpected method .


"This is by far the most visual version of Crazy Man's Handcuffs." -Hanson Chien "This project is pure gold! Easy to learn and so visual, thank you for this gem Abhijit" -Dr. Cyril Thomas

JH ACAAN by Joseph B

The most interesting elements of this effect are: It can be done with a shuffled borrowed deck. You can do it completely impromptu And also any card can be chosen and any number can be named. Really easy to do!