Stealth 4.0 by Lars La Ville

Stealth 4.0 by Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) 2022 Effect: The magician shows a red blank deck and a normal blue deck.The magician explains that there is only one normal card placed in the blank deck.The spectator are shuffling the blue deck and deal down 5 cards like in a game of poker.

Escape Proof by Jay Sankey

'Escape Proof' is finally BACK IN STOCK! "I can see this demolishing audiences!"-Spidey "I clicked Add To Cart before the preview even ended."-Terrance Blake "What a fabulous effect! People are going to freak out."-Mark Carlaw "Can't wait to close my shows with Escape Proof."-Sam Leslie

Leo‘s Coin by Leo Smetsers

If you have ever met Leo in person you will know he is always performing. No matter where we go together he's doing magic. One of Leo's best kept secrets was his coin. I remember sitting in a restaurant in Italy with Leo when he started performing magic to the waiters. One of them called the boss over to see some magic. Leo reached in to his pockets

The David Williamson Workshop May 21st 2020

Reserve your space for The Online David Williamson Experience! In the exclusive live online workshop David will share his comedy, magic, techniques, sleights, stories, philosophies, and his passion for the performance of magic. Dave has a plan for what will happen during the session, but be ready to

The Screening Card by Juan Pablo

“Every time Juan Pablo releases a new trick he brings something clever and original to the magic community. And now he did it again, he added this new twist to the cards across plot that creates an interactive magical moment between

Leprechaun Sucker Cup by Chazpro

Chuck Leach of Chazpro made a related set of coin cups around 1995. I found them advertised in the July 1995 issue of Genii Magazine, which headlined: "Introducing Chuck Leach's Leprechaun Cups". The Leprechaun Cups and came in a three different varieties.

ProCaps by Lloyd Barnes

One of THE most recognizable magic props of all time just LEVELED UP for the 21st century... introducing ProCaps by Lloyd Barnes. Known to most as Dynamic Coins or Nickels to Dimes... this classic "beginners" magic toy has remained an all time, global bestselling trick for 3 reasons:

Kim Andersen Penguin Live Online Lecture

"I love watching Kim do magic. He is one of the most inventive and skilled magicians out there. A must watch" -Andy Nyman "Kim Andersen is an absolutely incredible magician. He has a very rare skill where he can perform very difficult sleight of hand and make it