The Transparency Template by Jonathan Royle

The Transparency Template - The Revolutionary Guide for Hypnotists - Learn Safe, Legal, Ethical, Insured Comedy Stage Hypnotism, Street Hypnosis and Hypnotic "Hypno-Tricks" to combine with Your Magic & Mentalism Along with Rapid & Instant Speed Trance Inductions for Stage, Street & Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy Applications with Hypnotists Dr. Jonathan Royle, Robert

Reel Watch Smart Watch by Uday Jadugar

Introduced for the first time, a smart watch made of high quality material. A very tiny ITR is hidden in the watch. Useful for floating the objects. Easy to set-up in case the thread is broken. Available with black strap. An ingenious item for ITR effects.

Mental Game by Francesco Carrara

If you wanted high-impact, easy-to-do magic then this is for you. Here's what happens: The magician places 4 cards with numbers on both on the table. The faces and card numbers are added