Mind Stunts with Patrik Kuffs

Mind Stunts with Patrik Kuffs An insanely dynamic entertainer and innovator, Patrik Kuffs has made smash-hit appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the International Battle of Magicians in Atlanta, and on such varied television shows as Popular Mechanics For Kids, Ad Lib and Urban Magic, with David Acer and Richard Sanders.

Omnilope by Jay Sankey

Omnilope by Jay Sankey An incredible switching device! The ingenious OMNILOPE design combines the powerful visual element of a clear switch bag with the angle-proof practicality of traditional switch bags. Even better, OMNILOPE features a very ordinary-looking white paper envelope!

Frank Deville Penguin Live Online Lecture

Frank Deville Penguin Live Online Lecture "Frank Deville is hands down, one of the best magical performers in the world right now. His magic is classic, technical, and fooling as all hell. You are going to learn a ton. This is my early favorite for lecture of the year." -Nick Locapo "Frank's 6 bill repeat is the best I've ever seen."- Alain Nu