Card Artistry by Justin Flom

Card Artistry by Justin Flom Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" is an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the magician turns the deck into a famous painting (or if you prefer, a brain-scan image). It's the rarest kind of magic effect: it captures the imaginations of both magicians and audiences.

Melt by Genteishiryo Shin Lim

Melt by Genteishiryo Shin Lim RINGS IMPOSSIBLY MELT THROUGH RINGS, JEWELRY, AND MORE. Melt is the solution to the long standing problems with linking ring magic. Learn how you can display the action of the rings link with slow, elegant motions. No more quick, jerky movements to hide the secret in your hand.

Loaded by Marcus Eddie

Loaded by Marcus Eddie "The best deck production out there." 1. Show an empty box. 2. Produce AN ENTIRE DECK OF CARDS 3. Angle-proof, and easy to do! Loaded is a revolutionary way to produce an entire deck of cards from an empty box. It's super easy to do, and is completely angle-proof.

MEGA ESP by Joseph B

MEGA ESP by Joseph B MEGA ESP This is a great coincidence effect! You can really get great reactions from your spectators, even from fellow magicians. A deck of Esp cards is shuffled face up and face down by the spectator. Then the spectator has all the choices of changing the order of the cards. But... At the end all the cards match up incredibly. A finale full of surprises and twists.

Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman

Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks. World renowned magic instructor, Oz Pearlman will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a working professional's level.