Steve Reynolds EP by Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds EP by Steve Reynolds

Explained here, on video, are merely a few of his finesses and details of technique, so important to deceptive card magic:

The Riffle Shuffle Action Palm was developed after an interesting mishap occurred during a shuffle sequence. The procedure takes a note from “Ackerman Varies Kelly” and was then analyzed and finessed to become a very deceptive palm technique.

The Side Steal technique taught here is an exploration of Crosthwaite’s Peek Steal. When performed, the steal is perfectly natural and occurs in the same amount of time that the identical “true” actions would take. This technique was originally published in 2013 in Steve’s lecture notes, “Six Deep 2”.

The Box Load was published in the same lecture notes, “Six Deep 2” and was developed after experimenting with Marlo’s “Card to Box” from Deck Deceptions, published in 1942. This sleight is very direct and scrapes away much of the over-handling found in many popular box loads.

Steve works very hard to make his magic as clear, direct, and powerful as possible, and utilizing these techniques will help you do the same.

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