Slice by Pierric

Slice by Pierric "I've fooled a lot of great sleight-of-hand card magicians with this trick." -Pierric, FISM Grand Prix Champion Magician The 2015 FISM Grand Prix Champion Magician, "Pierric" has been performing magic at the VERY highest levels.

A Trip to The Circus by George Iglesias and Twister Magic

A Trip to The Circus by George Iglesias and Twister Magic Inspired by Master Magician Mr. David Copperfield and the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederic Culpit from England. George Iglesias brings us now his kids version, after the success of the launching of "A Trip to Cancun" the adult version. Now George bring us this version for children, a seven minute solid comedy routine that has a great twist and plot that is ready to entertain audiences of all kinds!

Possess Intouch by Arnel Renegado

Possess Intouch by Arnel Renegado INTOUCH // Borrow a bill and you flick it. The magic happens when you flick the air, yet the spectator hears and feels that you are still flicking the bill that they are holding. EASY TO DO EASY TO PERFORM BORROWED BILL FULLY EXAMINABLE

Brad Ballew – Entropy A.C.A.A.N

Brad Ballew - Entropy A.C.A.A.N Entropy A.C.A.A.N. is an easy to perform miracle that is completely hands off. A blue and red deck are placed in front of the spectator and never again touched by the performer until the routine is over.