Watch Steal by James Brown

Learn to steal a watch
 (for entertainment purposes only)… You will have to give it back.

James Brown, master of misdirection and a professional pickpocket, will show you how to steal a watch straight from someone’s wrist.

In this instant-access video tutorial, you will learn: 

  • The exact spot your body needs to be in to trick their peripheral vision.
  • How to tell the right moment to take the watch.
  • How to ensure the rest of the audience stays quiet, even if they catch the steal.
  • & How to reveal that you’re wearing their watch, right under their nose.

James will also teach you to steal all kinds of different watches:

  • Rubber Straps
  • Leather Straps
  • Some Metal Bands
  • & even Apple Watches.

This is the first in the “Only One” series by Ellusionist.

The idea with this series is that if you had the time or patience to learn only 1 trick in the category of pickpocketing – then it has to be this one. The Watch Steal.

This isn’t a 3-week masterclass, a course or a compendium. It doesn’t have 12 hours of teaching.

This video tutorial is direct. It gets straight to the point. One easily consumable video that covers the mechanics, nuances and misdirection required for you to steal a watch from a stranger.

Designed with the right theory to ensure you can feel comfortable performing this anytime, anywhere – and for anyone.

Learn The Watch Steal Today 

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