Unharmed by Jay Sankey

Unharmed by Jay Sankey

SPECIAL OFFER: Order Unharmed TODAY and receive Jay’s incredible prediction trick “CHOICE EFFECT” – A completely free choice prediction using Taro cards. (This is a download and will appear as Unharmed in your MyPenguinMagic access area)!

The performer borrows a credit card, driver’s license or almost any other plastic card. The card is wrapped in an examined paper napkin, and a spectator is invited to hold tightly to a corner of the wrapped card. Then a pencil, pen, toothpick, nail or even a chopstick is slowly pushed through the credit card. A moment later, the card is unwrapped and returned to the owner.

  • Special gimmick works with credit cards, drivers licenses, gift cards, loyalty cards and more!
  • Requires only basic sleight of hand.
  • Instantly resets!

Unharmed includes a very cool gimmick, and the full-length DVD features a wide variety of handings for close-up and stand-up performances.

Bonus Effect

Cause the ink to crawl down the length of your own Sharpie marker. One of Jay’s most visual effects with a Sharpie marker to date.

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