Two Very Secret Digits (TVSD) by Jose Prager

The power to guess PIN codes and credit card numbers anywhere!

In this video download you will learn the devastatingly clever ’Two Very Secret Digits’ by Jose Prager, presented by Lewis Le Val.

Imagine this. Without any gimmicks or setup of any kind, you are able to divine any digit of your participant’s PIN number, AND a thought of digit on their credit card without them ever writing anything down.

The method is simple, direct and EXTREMELY EASY to perform.

In this 20+ minute download, you will see a full, uncut performance of TVSD by Lewis Le Val, before he goes into an in depth explanation of the routine and method, sharing everything you need to know and more.

AS A BONUS, you will also receive a 6 page PDF from Lewis, detailing a simple theatrical subtlety that you can add to the end of this routine (or any other) to generate an even bigger reaction! It was a tough decision to include this gem, but nevertheless, it’s here.

Download now and start learning immediately. Even if you already have Jose’s book Billet Jazz, we just know you’re going to love the extras included in this download!

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