This is mentalism by Rich Ferguson – Free Download

  • 11 Full-force Mentalism routines that Rich Ferguson builds his career upon.
  • 100% Impromptu.
  • Most have no reset or they reset instantly.
  • Will teach you effects using cards, iPhones, watches, writing, business cards… and nothing at all.
  • How to force your spectator to think of something specific.
  • Deadly ways to reveal such guarded thoughts and premonitions.
  • How to mix magic and mentalism to gain the best of BOTH worlds.

Out of Rich Ferguson’s personal working mental act come 11 powerful impromptu effects and techniques.

Rich unlocks amazing effects with watches, numbers, IPhones, cards, business cards, forces and reveals.

Almost all of this DVD can be done 100% impromptu. Very useful for the intermediate but can be performed by beginner also. Blend mentalism with your magic and take the best from BOTH worlds.

Rich Ferguson is a world-renowned performer with a list of high-profile clients. It’s been a close guarded secret to why Rich Ferguson get’s requested personally by Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell or Courtney Cox to do their private gigs. Now, 11 of those secrets are contained in his latest collection, “This is Mentalism” where Rich strikes them all in the most vulnerable place… the mind.

“This is Mentalism” is filled with 11 powerful, practical effects that let you reach into people’s minds, steal their thoughts and spill those secrets right out on the table. In the past, these types of feats required lengthy setups and preparation. Rich has developed these effects to be impromptu, quick on the draw and forcefully impressive. Practicality is no longer an issue.

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