The Real Deal by Landon Swank


Over 300 billion dollars is gambled away every year, and not all of it is lost by chance…

Card Sharping has been around for as long as the deck itself. The best way to protect yourself against a Sharp is to know their secrets, and the best way to learn those secrets is a step by step walk through of exactly how they are executed. If you can master the information in this video, you’ll have the ability to detect a false deal with your eyes closed. Literally! The Real Deal so thoroughly breaks down the world’s most practical Sharping techniques that even the topic of sound variants between ordinary and false deals is covered.

The Real Deal is the first release in the Complete Control Series, and it exposes some of the most effective secrets utilized by Sharps for generations. Not to be confused with card flourishes meant to draw attention, once mastered, these sleights are virtually undetectable. Passing the test of time, the false shuffles and deals demonstrated in this video have been used for centuries to cheat not only the other players at a table, but the cameras overhead.

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