Soul Paper by Rick Lax

Soul Paper by Rick Lax

Magic has the power delight and inspire awe. But sometimes you just want to CREEP PEOPLE OUT. Magic can do that, too. This trick in particular…

Picture this: Your spectator thinks of somebody she used to know—somebody who’s now dead. She writes a secret detail of the dead person’s life on a tiny piece of paper, which gets folded up, ripped up, and thrown into a glass of soda or wine. You place a barrier above the glass—it can be a book or a magazine or a mirror—and then, on top of that, you set a tiny paper effigy.

You light the effigy on fire. It burns to a crisp. And then something incredible happens: THE ASHES RISE TO THE CEILING. Slowly, gracefully, they descend into your outstretched hand, at which point you SLURP THEM UP WITH A STRAW and INSTANTLY REVEAL THE SECRET DETAIL.

The best part is, YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY SPECIAL FLASH PAPER. You can perform Soul Paper with everyday items that are IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW. With a little preparation, that you’ll learn on the download.

Soul Paper includes instructions on the classic Center Tear (as well as Rick’s 4-Piece Center Tear), thoughts on using patter to foreshadow, and safety tips.

Soul Paper is EASY, FUN, and most of all VERY CREEPY.

*Thanks to Dan White, Jonathan Bayme, and Justin Flom. Credits: Tannen’s, John Riggs, Andrew Mayne, Rodney Reyes.

**Be cautious whenever performing with fire. Don’t perform near curtains or wastebaskets and always have water or a fire extinguisher nearby. And if you plan to perform Soul Paper a lot, Rick suggests alternatives to sucking up the ashes.

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