Restored in Pieces RIP

Restored in Pieces RIP

“RIP ROCKS! The gimmick will thrill you, The method is ingeniously simple and powerful. The ideas for possible routines are endless. Finally a smart, powerful and practical ending to any sandwich routine! Get this before I buy up all the stock, sit on it for 10+ years and then sell the lot for a fortune as super rare collectors items!” – Richard Sanders

“Yes it’s a super visual trick. And yes it will melt minds. But what I
really admire, is the absolute elegance of Cameron’s handling. He gets
so much magic mileage out of the devious gimmicks!”
 – Jay Sankey

“How Cameron comes up with these ingenious, practical, and mind blowing effects that practically work themselves I’ll never know!” – Jack Carpenter

“Cameron is not only one of the sweetest guy in magic, he’s also devilishly clever. RIP is a real world version of the T&R card dubbed with a very impressive sandwich effect. This one’s a worker’s dream, resets in no time and is very easy to learn. The most original presentation of the T&R card that I’ve ever seen.” – Jack Poulin

“Cameron has an unusually easy and lovely visual way of doing the ‘piece by piece’ restoration of a signed, torn card! Well worth checking out for fans of the plot!” – Liam Montier

“Cam has created a lovely and very different slow motion restoration here. Super simple to do and very magical!” – John Carey

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