REP by Zee Yan

REP by Zee Yans

One of the most visual coin magicians in history shares three moves from his private vault that will fry your audiences. Then he’ll teach you to chain them together in a one coin routine that will take your coin magic to the next level. This is REP by Zee.

In this project you’ll REP, a learn a killer one coin routine that is three-phases and perfect for the casual performer. A coin is vanished and produced multiple times in off-beat moments that catch your audience totally by surprise. The routine is made up of three wild coin moves that range in skill level from deceptively easy to enjoyably challenging.

Rossi Vanish – Sandwich a coin between your hands at the fingertips and it simply disappears.

Peek Vanish – An extremely visual vanish of a coin at the fingertips.

ELF Retention – Super casual angle proof retention that fools magicians and laypeople alike.

Zee not only takes you through the details of how to do the moves but also teaches multiple applications and the theory that make these moves so deceptive. You will also learn Zee’s detailed thoughts on finger palm, and how to make it more deceptive than ever. Whether you are using these moves chained together in Zee’s REP Routine or adding them to one of your existing effects, these coin moves are going to elevate your coin magic to extraordinary. This is REP by Zee.

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