Quantum Bender 3.0 by John T. Sheets

Quantum Bender 3.0 by John T. Sheets


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….
-Now presenting the BEST in the Quantum Bender series….
The all new “Quantum Bender 3.0” (Powder Coat Edition). The most amazing and deceptive metal bending device in the world!
-Nothing hits spectators harder than witnessing with their own eyes a solid piece of metal – their signed coin or key – slowly melting like hot butter into their waiting hands. QB3 makes the impossible possible – and it will become your new reputation maker!
-Since 2002, Quantum Bender has gained a world class reputation, and has set the standard for being the easiest to use and BEST bender in the world. For the new QB3 no expense was spared in creating a gorgeous piece of equipment designed to last a lifetime.

-Perform AMAZING, borrowed, SIGNED coin and key bends AND twists! Anytime, anywhere, completely surrounded. No sleeves; No clumsy two-piece gimmicks; No re-set; No switches! Their SIGNED coin/key appears to VISIBLY MELT and bend or twist!!
-Basic Effect: A spectator writes her initials on a borrowed coin or a key. The performer holds the object at his fingertips. It suddenly begins to bend VISUALLY at his fingertips! The signed/bent, coin or key, drops into the spectator’s awaiting hand for complete examination.
-The Quantum Bender 3.0 now bends a larger variety of borrowed foreign and domestic coins, as well as the new capability to bend and twists keys with ease! It now bends foreign and domestic coins that range in size from a US Dime, up through the size of a US Gold Dollar coin, and many foreign coins from around the world.

-The “Quantum Quick-Touch Feature” allows for quick, effortless key bending and twisting.
-The work is done and you are clean long before the effect even appears to begin. You can even have a spectator hold a borrowed coin or key in her tightly closed fist, presenting an effect that will be long remembered when she feels the metal melting in her hand.
-Designed for use in real world situations.
-Leaves the spectator with a lucky souvenir they will cherish & keep forever.
-QB3 is a top of the Line Secret Coin and Key Bending Device, expertly CNC machined and precisely crafted from high quality stainless steel for a lifetime of use.
-Now re-engineered to be better, stronger, and more universal than ever before. Improved overall design, quality and ease of use!
-It’s unique proprietary one piece design revolutionized the world of metal bending. This specially designed feature not only makes it easy to perform, but it ALSO allows you to display the coin FLAT long after the secret work was added! This allows you to be way ahead!
-QB3’s cleverly camouflaged design blends in perfectly with what you already use in your act!
-No Magnets to pinch skin, and it won’t accidentally adhere to PK rings.
-Now Includes the all NEW Bonus training DVD, “Metal Meltdown” starring John T. Sheets. This master class in metal bending includes amazing routines, eye Popping revelations, psychology and misdirection techniques, tons of insider info, practice tips, guest contributions, and so much more!

Quantum Bender 3 is the Ultimate World Class Reputation Maker for the Magician, Mentalist, Mystery Artist, Psychic Entertainer, or illusionist. Do NOT confuse this effect, device, or its methods with any othermethod on the market. Top professionals agree that this is the best metal bending device on the planet! PERIOD!
The original Quantum Bender was selected by David Blaine to be featured on his ABC TV Special, “The Dive of Death”……
-Beware of knock offs, fakes, and cheap copies! Support the ORIGINAL, and buy only the BEST! Exclusively available ONLY directly from the creator John T. Sheets.
-Now includes a limited Lifetime Warranty, at a new lower introductory price!

-This is an EXTREMELY LIMITED RELEASE – when they are gone they are gone! -Order NOW to avoid disappointment!!

-Here’s what just a few of the Pro’s say…

-“John T. Sheets has, once again, created real magic” -David Blaine

-“Just a miracle, just pure magic” Yif Wang

-“It’s the VERY BEST coin bender out there, Quantum Bender totally rocks!” -Jeff McBride

-I never, EVER do magic without Quantum Bender in my back pocket. It’s one of the most POWERFUL effects possible, and it’s made to last a lifetime! -Joshua Jay

“The term ‘reputation-maker’ is often bandied about, but few things deserve this label more than John T. Sheets’ QB3. Don’t let the price fool you. It’s a killer routine, quality product and the customer service is second to none.” – Dan Garrett

“I love Quantum Bender 3.0. This is the best signed coin bend period.” -Tim Trono

“I absolutely love it and extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to John T. Sheets for making these incredible utility devices available. There is no comparison OR competition/equal in my opinion and experience.” -Jerome Finley

-“The Quantum Bender makes us maladjusted social misfit magic geeks look like powerful superheroes….cape not included” – Gregory Wilson

“I have been a big fan of John T Sheets Quantum Bender from the beginning! I have used Quantum Bender 1 then 2 and now I’m very impressed with 3! They’re all “Workhorses” in the real world! I have used it in every condition and it always gets a huge reaction!… You CAN’T get that with any other effect!…. Use only the Best!” -Ray Lum

“Get ready to fall in love again! Quantum Bender 3 is destined to be the finest bender ever created, and the new enhancements up the ante with features pros will love. QB3 is a masterpiece of high-tech design and it is the most powerful effect that I do. This isn’t just a bender – it is a religion.” -Brett Barry

-“John’s bender is sick! Let me explain…It bends BORROWED coins in real time, using a device we all carry anyway. This tool is worthTHOUSANDS of dollars to the professional performer.”
-Nathan Kranzo

-“I LOVE it! …Thank you!” -Bob Cassidy

-“With all the new US coins out today, you can forget about coin bending unless the coin is signed. The Quantum Bender works smoothly and easily and leaves your spectator with a physical memento. Every time they look at it, or show it to a friend, they are reminded of your magical abilities. What more could any performer ask for?” – Danny Archer

-“If it’s possible, John has taken a winner (in the original Quantum Bender) and made it better. The design changes in this new model make the working even more sure fire and easier than ever. If you want to be able to take any borrowed coin and bend it right under your spectators noses, there is simply no better way than the new and improved Quantum Bender.” – Mark Strivings

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