Psyche by Peter Turner

Psyche by Peter Turner

2 holy grails of mentalism in 1 awesome download. Make someone just think of a card AND you will learn Peter’s own Any Card At Number Routine.

Psyche allows you to appear to have real mind reading ability.

You can now blow minds with just the words you say. No stooges, nothing is written down, and no gimmicks are used. These are extremely valuable tools you can use for the rest of your life. Peter teaches all of the ins and outs that make these kinds of miracles work. For the first time ever you are able to learn many of the secrets that Peter uses to blow peoples minds every day. Nothing is left out, this really is the real work for creating un-explainable miracles. Finally Peter teaches what many will describe as the only way to perform the Any Card At Any Number effect. The performance of this effect is stunning and now you can do it too.

You Get
1 hour and 28 minute tutorial
Live Performances
Valuable Lessons For Performing Mentalism
Learn How To Perform These Effects With Confidence

This is absolutely essential viewing for anyone looking to add a more authentic performance to their shows.

Not for beginners.

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