Photographic Memory by Dani DaOrtiz (Chaos Project Chapter 2)

hapter 2: Chaos & Perception

Dani DaOrtiz returns to the chaos to create an impossible Out Of This World effect your audience will have to see to believe. The Chaos Project is a one-year course in which you learn to harness the powers of chaos in your card magic to make the impossible a part of your everyday effects. Now set up in easy-to-follow chapters of The What, The How, and The Why, learning the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is even easier than ever before.

The What
A deck of cards is spread, and the audience is asked to take a mental snapshot of the deck so they can later confirm that the deck was truly shuffled. The magician then shuffles the deck and hands out small packets of cards that the audience shuffles and then deals their cards into two piles on the table. The audience is given more packets of cards that they shuffle and deal sight unseen into two distinct groups. The top cards of each packet are turned face up to reveal red and black cards. These are taken by the spectator and placed face up in the middle of the packet the spectator chooses. When all of the cards are turned face up, it is revealed that the audience has successfully divided the deck into the red and black cards. The finale is truly out of this world.

The How
Right off the top of the lesson, Dani immediately explains how the featured effect works. You’ll get all the necessary information for you to start practicing this amazing effect. In the first chapter, you’ll learn how to take an apparently shuffled deck and use it to perform an incredibly fair and open Out Of This World effect. This effect uses bold and open movements combined with a deceptive presentation that is shockingly easy to perform.

They Why
Once you’ve learned the secrets, Dani teaches you the real work. The psychology and theory of chaos are as important to learn as the moves. In the second lesson, Dani will walk you through the secret of using a spectator’s memory against them. You will learn how to focus their attention to create chaos in their memory and then mold that memory to make your magic more powerful than ever before. You’ll also learn how to control the flow of information so that your audience tells themself a story that contributes to the miracle. This fascinating lesson is a true insight into some of the most hands-off and impossible work of Dani DaOrtiz.

The Chaos Project is a year-long course in learning some of the devious methods and principles that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so deceptive. This second lesson is a deep dive into how controlling the flow of information can allow you to tell almost all of the truth while setting up a truly impossible effect. Welcome back to the chaos with Dani DaOrtiz in Chapter 2 of The Chaos Project.

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