Permanent Record by Ben Seidman

“Permanent Record” is everything you’d want in a close-up trick. This baffling miracle rocks every room and leaves people stunned with amazement. It’s powerful, direct, perfectly practical, and so easy to perform that it’s ridiculous. This is one of Ben’s everyday carries for both professional performances and seemingly impromptu miracles. You won’t want to leave home without it.

While there are many ways to present “Permanent Record”, the core routine starts by showing your audience that there is a playing card printed on every box of cards and explaining how it has been known to influence people to subconsciously always think of that card (Ben even teaches you how to transform this into its own bonus moment of powerful magic). So, to make this experience totally fair, you’ll need them to choose a card at random

The cards are removed and they are given the box to hold while another card is freely chosen. You not only amazingly know the card they chose, but their jaws will be on the floor when they check the box in their hands again and find the card image has impossibly changed to match their new selection. They can examine the box all they want, there’s nothing to find. What really hammers this routine home though is Ben’s clever routining that leaves the spectator feeling like the magic continues long after you leave.

You’ll receive the gimmicked deck and special gaffs (in both red and blue) that make this self-working miracle possible right out of the box. For those that prefer to use an ordinary deck of Bicycle playing cards, Ben teaches you how to perform handlings of “Permanent Record” with an ungimmicked deck, as well as other complete routines that use the “Permanent Record” principle to enhance effects you likely already perform.

In total, you get more than 75 minutes of instruction. This includes an absolutely stellar multiple-selection routine, a deviously clever secret for amplifying all of your walkaround close-up magic and so much more. As an added bonus, Dr. Jonathan Pickard, the creator of “Ambideckstrous”, also teaches you his original handling for this idea that packs five magical moments into one amazing routine.

“Permanent Record” is a fantastic, easy-to-do showstopper that will truly blow everyone away. Let Ben show you why “Permanent Record” should be a permanent part of your set.

“I love this”Asi Wind

“I’m in love with the practicality of the design. The change happens in the most organic way possible”Franco Pascali

“This is A+ material for both professional and casual performances. On top of that, I can’t believe Ben also included his CUPS technique as part of this release. It’s not only dangerously good for ‘Permanent Record’, but nearly any close-up routine. That alone is worth the cost of the project.”Bill Herz

“Permanent Record is easy enough for beginners to fool their pals, but has enough interesting applications that professionals will be able to effectively add it to their repertoires. I like it!”Michael Close

Please note: Other box revelations have been published and explored by Mark Mason, Juan Pablo, Brad Henderson, Jason Dean and others.

Jonathan Pickard’s “Ambideckstrous” was the first marketed version of this type of effect that we are aware of, and we would like to thank him for endorsing “Permanent Record”, and being gracious enough to share his fantastic handlings on this video.

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