No B.S. (No Billet Switching) by Joe Diamond

No B.S.

(No Billet Switching)

For the last 15 years, I’ve kept this impromptu secret to myself.

With just a stack of borrowed business cards and a pen, you can do everything most billet switching routines involve without all the folding, preparation, and pocket fumbling.

I’ve used this in impromptu situations where I had nothing on me, and I’ve used it on stage professionally.

I’ve used it for drawing duplications, question & answer routines, and even for a 3 Person “Mental Epic” type routine with NO FORCE!

Imagine Annemann’s “4th Dimensional Telepathy” with no force and NO ENVELOPES!

There is one semi-intermediate move and one beginner move in the sequence, but it’s so well covered by the routine, even if the idea of moves scares you this routine will give you confidence to do these moves.

Much like the technique, and name, this mini video lecture involves NO BS. Rather than fill it with various performances and filler, dive right into learning the second you purchase.

The Reviews Are In!

“No B.S. is a Mini-Masterclass in Impromptu Mentalism. You’ll be simultaneously saying, “Oh that’s clever” and “I’ll be using that!”
– Spidey

“Watched the “No B.S.” instruction this afternoon. Gotta say it’s fantastic. It’s extraordinarily simple and it fits perfectly into what I’m already used to doing, so this is something that I’ll actually wind up doing on paid gigs. That means it’s worth 100’s of times what I paid for it. Hell of an ROI.”
– Jonathan Pritchard

“This utility switch is one of those beautiful things in magic where you just say: “Why I didn’t even considered that?” The explanation is very well done, with some nice touches that make this really interesting. The effects are very clear. I’m sure that experienced performer will be able to take this and perform it in the real world by either using the routines shown on the video or applying it to your own routines. No B.S. gets me excited to start performing some of the routines right now! I can’t recommend this enough because it is material from a worker and you will see how this would work in the real world.”
-Rafael Enrique Gorrochotegui

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