Name Game by Spidey & Rick Lax

Name Game by Spidey & Rick Lax


BECAUSE THEY’RE POWERFUL. They’re more powerful than cards, more powerful than coins, and WAY more powerful than ‘random words.’ And NAME GAME is a brilliant, new trick that harnesses this power DIRECTLY and SPECTACULARLY. Seriously, the secret method is unlike anything you’ve ever seen…and it’s KILLER.


You show off 8 name tags that have been cut in half. 16 pieces total. EVERY SINGLE PIECE IS DIFFERENT, AND THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES OR EXTRA PIECES. You spread the name halves across the table, face-up, and your friend can look at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Then you turn all the pieces face down and mix up the piles.

FIRST, you remove a single name tag half. You can put it under your drink or even give it to your friend. THEN they remove another name tag half. And then…you guessed it: THE NAMES ARE A PERFECT MATCH.


 -I like performing this trick with “Hello My Name Is” name tags…but you don’t have to. You can also use index cards or pieces of paper or ‘blank face’ Bicycle cards.

-This is one of those rare tricks that you can start performing RIGHT AWAY. There are no ‘moves’ and nothing to hide. The deception is
purely psychological, and the secret is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.

-I’m big enough to admit this: When Spidey first showed this trick to me…I was FOOLED BAD. It was great to work with Spidey on this idea, and then work with Brandon and Nick to shape it into the crystal clear, ultra-deceptive routine it is today. If you’re looking for a 5-phase storytelling demonstration…look somewhere else. BUT if you’re looking for a simple, bulletproof psychic demonstration that showcases the power of names, you’ll be happy with this one. I promise.


Manufacturer Says

You will receive enough name tags to perform NAME GAME. Note: These are ordinary name tags. We include them to save you a trip to the store, but you can start performing immediately with your own if you have them.

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