Mirage Coin Set Extreme Edition by Craig Petty

Craig Petty has been performing coin magic for a long time. Anyone that has seen his recent DVD releases Flipped Out and Attack of the Bag will know that his magic is clear, direct, commercial and above all strong. After years of holding back he is finally releasing Mirage.

Mirage is a revolutionary new coin set which is set to take the magic world by storm. It has been described as the Swiss Army Knife of coin gimmicks and allows you to perform many new routines which until now have been thought impossible. You receive everything you need to start performing straight away including the specially machined gimmicks and all the regular coins to match.

Although there are hundreds of routines possible with Mirage we have selected 7 of the best which are performed and explained on the companion DVD. We have tried to include routines which can be performed in all sorts of conditions from cocktail parties to stage and all points in between. In addition there is a sleight section which examines all the sleights which are needed. Best of all Craig Petty and master magician David Penn sit down and discuss the set in depth and look at all its applications.

Penaskin – A 5 phase routine where coins penetrate through the hand of the performer. Each penetration becomes more visual until the final phase which happens in the spectator’s hand.

IRM – Craig’s favourite effect for Trade Show’s, this routine has it all. An international matrix with a reverse kicker that you WILL use. The best part? Its really easy!

Wild Hanging Coins – The perfect stand up wild coin. Three silver coins are produced, one by one change into copper and then finally vanish into thin air. This one is pure eye candy.

Silver Switch – Copper and Silver on steroids. A multi phase copper silver routine which happens in the spectator’s hands. As a kicker finale both coins vanish into thin air.

Impossible Coins Across – Craig’s commercial stand up coins across routine. Each phase gets more and more deceptive until all four coins have jumped from one hand to another.

Mirage Box – A true reputation maker which has to be seen to be believed. Four coins jump into and out of a small brass box with each moment of magic becoming more impossible.

Hide and Seek Coins – A combination of coins across and a coin assembly with a chinese coin, a copper coin and a silver coin. As a finale the coins are used to find a selected playing card from a pack of 52 cards.

Running Time Approximately 2hr 30min

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