Mind Stunts with Patrik Kuffs

Mind Stunts with Patrik Kuffs

An insanely dynamic entertainer and innovator, Patrik Kuffs has made smash-hit appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the International Battle of Magicians in Atlanta, and on such varied television shows as Popular Mechanics For Kids, Ad Lib and Urban Magic, with David Acer and Richard Sanders.

On Mind Stunts 1, Partik Kuff’s first DVD, we take a tour of Kuffs own mind. This DVD is not only a valuable teaching toll but also a highly entertaining show within a show. This is a DVD unlike any other. Great magic, great production value all wrapped up in the Kuffs Trademark humour that really set it apart from the rest. You will learn some of Patrik’s most acclaimed and requested effects:

  • Dangerous Monte: The classic “Russian roulette” gets the Kuffs treatment in this 100% safe version. The performer displays several paper bags. A random spectator selects bags one at a time for the performer to slam his hand down onto crushing the bag until only one remains. This bag is lifted to reveal a Sharpe jagged broken bottle.A show stopping routine version of Russian roulette with none of the danger.
  • Watchism: Patrik’s personal method for forcing a time on a borrowed watch with no extra props or strange procedure. This is really a clean and straightforward method that creates a very strong impression. The spectators select a time and the performer has predicted it! Simple as that! Strong, pure and easy mentalism at its best.
  • Book Test 4 Dummies: The performer has a spectator think of a word from any borrowed unprepared book. Despite the very fair procedure the performer instantly reveals the thought of word. Use any book, any time with any one. Whether you perform this is your local bookstore or on the biggest stage this is hard hitting mentalism you are going to love.
  • Blindfoil: Patrik Kuffs personal take on the classic blindfold effect with one major difference! The performer has heavy silver foil placed over his eyes. Despite this the performer is still able to get a straight-ahead peek. Perfect for a blindfold drive or even a classic performance of the blindfold theme. This is so clever you wont believe the method!
  • T.O.C.: Patrik’s “Tossed Out Cube” an interesting effect making use of a Rubix cube made up of playing cards. The cube is thrown around the audience who are asked to mix the cube and then to think of one card from the cubes squares. Despite the fairness of this the performer is able to reveal multiple thoughts from your audience. All with no pre-show and with nothing written down.
  • Bold Business: The performer and spectator each make drawings on the back of a business card. Amazingly they match! A classic of mentalism redefined with a simple, bold and easy method. This is a great way of getting your business card in your client’s hands with a strong, hard hitting and amazing drawing duplication.

This DVD includes the necessary stickers for the “Rubik’s Cube” effect.

On Mind Stunts 2 Kuffs gets even more insane. You’ll learn:

  • Dove Roulette: An amazing rethink for the classic “Russian roulette” that brings it to an earth shattering new height. Some of you may have seen Patrik perform this effect on the TV show “Urban Magic”.
    The performer has a line of bags along the ground. He has a spectator slowly select bags the performer stamping on each bag as it is selected until only one bag remains. When this bag is opened a live dove flies from within!
    We know you will love this effect and the way it redefines what a “Russian roulette” routine really is.
  • Un-Lucky: The performer continually wins in a 50/50 bet using his psychological prowess to outwit the spectator. A good solid and deeply fooling routine that could be played seriously or for laughs. This is something that we know could go directly into your show!
  • Book Test 4 Dummies 2: After the famed Book Test 4 Dummies 1 featured on Mind Stunts Volume 1 Kuffs returns with another anytime, anywhere any book effect. The spectator seemingly just thinks of a word contained within a book (a borrowed book) and the performer is able to amazingly reveal what they are thinking of. A very simple to perform effect requiring little work but providing a huge reaction.
  • HandKuffs: This interesting effect is perfect for those of you wishing to add something very different to your performance. The performer is locked inside a pair of “hand-kuffs”. Despite this the performer is able to instantly escape from the confined of the handcuffs. This could be a showstopper in the waiting. Think of performing a thumb tie routine with real handcuffs!
  • Bank Light: A highly visual and interesting take on the bank night effect. We wont give too much away about this one but we know that it will be perfect for those times you need a strong, effective piece of mentalism that plays big and packs flat.
  • DNA Revelator: A humourous revelation of a chosen card. This can be customized to suit whatever routine you would like to use it for. From kids shows to trade shows and stage magic this could become your new favourite way of revealing a chosen card.

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