Magic For The Shortsighted by Pipo Villanueva

Magic For The Shortsighted by Pipo Villanueva – Free Download

The video includes six Close-Up magic routines from Pipo Villanueva’s professional repertoire.

• Coins to the Mug
• The Quantum Monkey
• The Atomic Coin
• Cutting 3 Aces
• Reset 180º
• MiniCup & Balls

It also includes a section of magic theory

“Pipo´s thoughts and method structuring are outstanding and unique, a privileged mind with incredibles ideas” Miguel Muñoz, 2018 FISM Grand Prix winner.

“Pipo’s internal constructions are so devilish that allow Pipo to have sequences of the greatest magical impact. If you have hallucinated with the effects … wait him to explain the inner workings” Gabi Pareras

“Pipo is such a great magician, a tireless worker, with talent and judgment worthy of admiration. I want to be Pipo Villanueva when I grow up!” Woody Aragon

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