M.P.H. by Joshua Jordan

M.P.H. by Joshua Jordan

“I’ll make a prediction: This iconic toy will become an iconic trick.”
-Gregory Wilson

“I’m fooled! Very cool concept that works great for stand-up magic. As a solo performer, I love this.”
-Justin Flom

“Ingenious and practical. The method is well constructed and totally under the radar. You’ve hit a home run!”

There are over 360,000 different possible combinations in which you can construct a Mr. Potato Head. That means if you had a Mr. Potato Head for every different possible configuration and set them side by side they could encompass the entire island of Manhattan in New York. MPH is a trick where you have your audience member arrange a Mr. Potato Head into any order and configuration they want, and out of over 360,000 different possible combinations you predict the exact outcome.

-Use it for close up and stage
-Full professional script
-Nothing written down
-No stooges or instant stooges
-No assistants
-No switches
-No forces
-No pre-show work.

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